As we head into 2018, my wife Rebecca and I took a moment to reflect on 2017.  Not only have we made great strides within our company, I’ve personally been able to help a lot of clients through my online presence and blogging.

When we get to the end of the year, it’s always fun to see where we started and see how we’ve grown. This year, to go along with the format of our new Facebook LIVE videos, I’d like to go back into the blog archives and highlight some of our most popular blogs. Sometimes you need to hear advice twice in order for it to truly sink in.

Here, let’s review some of the blogs that our audience loved the most, as well as a few that I personally think are worth a second read.

How To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick: Financial Goal Setting

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions that we hear at this time of year, of course, has to do with money. The resolution is along the lines of “Save more, spend less!” Not only does that sound like a drag, putting pen to paper to make these resolutions a reality is a whole different ball game. In this blog, I discuss a few of the ways that you can really go about saving successfully. These are techniques that are designed to make you feel more confident in the future instead of being afraid of it.

7 Tips To Survive Tax Season

Right on the heels of the holiday afterglow comes tax season! This can be a stressful time for many, as filing taxes can be very confusing. There are many resources that help people file taxes more easily, but creating a plan to tackle your taxes will help the process flow even more smoothly. Before you start filing, you’ll want to get organized and make sure you have all of your paperwork ready to go – especially if you’re working last minute, which I strongly recommend NOT doing!

Why Avoiding This Conversation Will Cost Your Business Later

This is one of the articles that really struck a chord with people. There are so many “what if” scenarios that can occur over the course of a year, let alone over the course of a person’s lifetime. What this blog does is ask those “what if” questions in order to help you better prepare for the future. Some of the topics we cover here include, “What if you can’t work?” “What if there’s a natural disaster?” and “What if you get sued?”

Financial Advising For Newlyweds

As one of our personal favorite blogs from this year, Rebecca and I could really relate to what we were speaking on. Being newlyweds ourselves really opened up our eyes to the daunting financials that come along with tying the knot. Remember, this should be a happy time in your life. It’s important to stay organized with your financials thoroughly so you can avoid any of that stress as the big day draws near. Take a look at our checklist and save it for when the right time comes.

Did your favorite blog make the cut? Let me know by commenting here or following me on social media and posting there. We’ll see you in 2018 with more content and more financial advice!